Is Owning a Car Better than Leasing?

Should you own or lease a car? There are different factors that go into which one you think is better for your needs. When you lease a car, you are ultimately paying lower monthly payments, but all of that money you are putting into the car isn’t going to let that car be yours once the lease is up. When you own a car, you are making payments toward owning something that you can keep for a few extra years before the engine starts to have its normal wear and tear issues.

Leasing a car has mileage restrictions so you might want to take that into account if you love going on long road trips. If you own a car, you do not have to worry about built up mileage. A car that you own can be customized to your liking inside and outside whereas a leased car cannot be done so in the same manner. You should look into both owning a car and leasing a car with us today at Brown Motors!

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