Why That Windshield Ding Can Be Hazardous

The windshield of your vehicle is subject to a wide range of abuse. Most of this abuse occurs while driving on the road where rocks kicked up by vehicles, or gravel flies out of the back of trucks and bounces off the glass. Sometimes you are lucky and get away without any damage occurring. However, in most cases you are left with an unsightly ding. While the concept of a ding may not seem like something to get worked up over, it should not be overlooked.
Dings are easy to ignore, but they can become much more than just a little pit in your windshield if left unchecked for too long. After a while, these dings can turn into cracks that continue to grow until addressed by the driver. Anything from changes in temperature to simply driving can cause that ding to expand and transform into a more serious crack. So do your due diligence and address that ding before it becomes more.
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