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Why Insurance Companies Prefer Adventurous Jeep SUVs


If you follow the traditional logic of what vehicles are cheap to insure, you might be scratching your head at this year's Top 10 Least Expensive Vehicles to Insure list. Why? It's dominated by Jeep SUVs.

Auto insurance companies look for vehicles with strong safety and accident-avoidance features, which includes the driver. Minivans typically cost the least to insure because they are usually driven by parents, who are expected to be responsible, and drive carefully.

The Jeep Renegade and Jeep Wrangler, which took second and third place on the least-expensive list, are designed for recreational fun—for going…

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Why That Windshield Ding Can Be Hazardous

The windshield of your vehicle is subject to a wide range of abuse. Most of this abuse occurs while driving on the road where rocks kicked up by vehicles, or gravel flies out of the back of trucks and bounces off the glass. Sometimes you are lucky and get away without any damage occurring. However, in most cases you are left with an unsightly ding.
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Let Us Be Your Tire Rotation Source

If you didn't know, rotating your tires on a scheduled basis can actually save you hundreds of dollars over the course of owning your vehicle. Tires should be rotated every eight thousand miles, to get the full benefit of the procedure.
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Do you Know About a Vehicle Maintenance Schedule?

Better performance means just that; your car will perform up to your expectations when given the proper care. When a car is maintained properly with maintenance, the difference is evident when it comes to how it drives. When cars are not maintained well, the car’s parts must work harder to perform the same function. This degrades the parts of your vehicle and consequently degrades the parts ability to deliver to a performance that you expect. This ultimately affects the life of the car as well. In order to maintain this performance maintenance, you should follow a maintenance schedule...

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Is Owning a Car Better than Leasing?

Should you own or lease a car? There are different factors that go into which one you think is better for your needs. When you lease a car, you are ultimately paying lower monthly payments, but all of that money you are putting into the car isn’t going to let that car be yours once the lease is up. When you own a car, you are making payments toward owning something that you can keep for a few extra years before the engine starts to have its normal wear and tear issues.

Leasing a car has mileage restrictions so…

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